David R. Hawkins | Woodstock Wednesdays | Premieres November 18, 7pm/CST

Join us for Woodstock Wednesdays! Woodstock Folk Festival is excited to bring high quality music and storytelling to our community and to enjoy and support these artists who have worked with us over the years, including David Hawkins.  You can show your support and appreciation by visiting https://hawkmanmusic.com/ and purchasing his CDs.

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The video premieres HERE at 7pm/CST, Wednesday, November 18. It will remain in our Gallery after the show if you would like to see it again or share it with others. You can enjoy watching our past performers’ shows by clicking on our Video Gallery.

Featured Performer: David R. Hawkins

In 2017, David opened the Woodstock Folk Festival and led the All-Sing Finale. He has also performed at other Woodstock Folk Festival concerts. We are delighted that he is performing for Woodstock Wednesdays.

David Hawkins has found Pittsburgh by way of Chicago, New Orleans, Tulsa,  and Detroit, and he has picked up musical flavors wherever he has lived. His songs are both tough and gentle, born in a place where flesh and spirit meet and one’s soul is on the line. They are songs of Love, Hope, Death, Loss, a splash of Whiskey, and an echo of the Divine.

A Few Thoughts from David ~ Singer/songwriter and former English Teacher

As an English teacher, I had the privilege of reading and teaching some of the greatest writing in the English language. Of course, that set the bar pretty high for me as a writer. Nevertheless, while I see myself falling short in nearly everything I write, I’m much more attuned to the power of the word than I would have been otherwise. Also, ideas from literature often show up during the writing process without my being conscious of it at the time.

Thousands of websites are full of musicians looking for a style, trend, image, or even a true depiction of who they are–anything to be noticed as distinct identities in an ocean of identities. Often, even the really good musicians seem to be drops in the bucket, spit in the ocean.  At its best, music is about how the spirit of a song calls to us. My vision is that the true voices in music will emerge from the blurred mass and be heard alongside the other true voices already among us. The way I see it, somewhere under all the layers is a true voice in everyone.  Whether or not I have found my truest voice yet, I know that one of the ways that I feel closest to it is through writing or singing a song.

David Hawkins (L) and Don Stiernberg (R)

“With his second release, Hello Mr. Death & Other Love Songs, David Hawkins delivers an excellent collection of new material, from the delightfully witty romp with the title track, to superb country-infused tracks and gorgeous ballads. The well-crafted songs shine with fine vocals and acoustic guitar, and embellishments by noted sidemen such as Don Stiernberg, Mark Dvorak, David Wallace, and Clark Sommers, among others, contribute to this top-shelf production filled with stand-out material from start to finish. It is highly recommended.” ~ Lilli Kuzma, Host of Folk Festival, WDCB Public Radio, Glen Ellyn/Chicago, IL.

You can go to David’s website and listen to audio or watch videos of his music. Purchase CDs by visiting https://hawkmanmusic.com/buy-music

We know you will enjoy David’s show.

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