St. Patty’s Day Celebration with Trillium | Woodstock Folk Festival | March 17, 7pm/CDT

St. Patty’s Day Celebration with Trillium — our next Woodstock Wednesdays performer — coming right up. Trillium, with current members Mim Eichmann and Doug Lofstrom, performed at the Woodstock Folk Festival in 2009.

Performers greatly appreciate your support!

Check out Trillium's CDs, The Rattlin' Bog, Crossing the Stream, The Moody Leprechaun, Over the Waterfall.

Check out Trillium’s CDs, The Rattlin’ Bog, Crossing the Stream, The Moody Leprechaun, Over the Waterfall.

You can find Trillium at their website: (The most recent of the 4 CDs that Trillium offers is “The Rattlin’ Bog”.)

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Trillium: Our Featured Performers


On their site Trillium explains: “Why the name Trillium? If you’ve ever seen a Grandiflora trillium, which is a Midwest wildflower or herb, I’m sure that you’ll agree that it’s a very unique wildflower – quite different from the rest of the wildflowers dotting the woodlands — and it has always seemed to be an excellent fit for us!” 

Trillium: Mim Eichmann • Doug Lofstrom • Jon Ball • Celebrating St. Patty's Day

Trillium: Mim Eichmann • Doug Lofstrom • Jon Ball • Celebrating St. Patty’s Day

Mim Eichmann 

Turning from a past focus on dance, Mim Eichmann’s intensely involved as a musician and singer/songwriter.

Besides Trillium, with bandmate Doug Lofstrom, she’s written and released two original children’s CDs: Wander Down Beyond the Rainbow and Why Do Ducks Ducks Have Webby Toes? She’s also created a live children’s show called “Miss Mim & Friends – Music & Movement.” Performed throughout the Chicago area, the show includes many songs from her CDs.

Although hammered dulcimer playing styles are quite unique to every individual, Mim’s HD style is influenced by Bill Robinson, Dona Benkert, Kendra Ward and Tony Elman. Her primary vocal inspirations include Alison Krause, Mairead Ni Mhaonaigh, Loreena McKennitt, Eva Cassidy, Julie Andrews and Enya.

Mim has recently published two historical fiction novels:  A Sparrow Alone and Muskrat Ramble. For more information, visit her author site at:

Doug Lofstrom 

Doug Lofstrom has played bass forever in just about every possible genre imaginable!  He’s an experienced composer and arranger, helping the group conjure new material for the band’s eclectic repertoire.

Doug’s been musical director for Chicago’s Free Street Theatre and composer-in-residence for the Evanston’s Symphony of the Shores. He teaches bass, music composition and music theory at Columbia College Chicago. His group, Doug Lofstrom and The New Quartet perform extensively in the Chicago area. They recently released their newest CD entitled “One Voice”. Visit his web site at:

Jon Ball 

Jon Ball brings his many talents to Trillium with spirited guitar and vocal stylings.

A multi-instrumentalist, Jon comes at music from all angles. He started playing guitar at the age of nine and formally trained as a trombonist and brass specialist. Retiring after 35 years as a school band director and award-winning teacher, Jon’s now a full-time singer and guitar/bass/banjo/ukulele player. Yes, and more!

In addition to his playing and singing with various folk groups, he’s also on staff as the contemporary worship leader at his church.

Last But Not Least . . .

Finally, a tip of the hat and a big thank you to Tobias Music where Trillium taped their video.

Enjoy Trillium’s St. Patty’s Day Celebration!

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