Magpie Premieres April 21, 7pm/CDT | Woodstock Wednesdays

Magpie, the duo of Terry Leonino and Greg Artzner, is “…simply, absolutely, unequivocally wonderful. They’ll thrill you to boots, melt your heart. The controlled beauty of Terry’s singing is what hits you first, but she also plays a mean harp. Greg’s relaxed accompaniment compliments her perfectly…” ~ (Colin Irwin, “Melody Maker,” Norwich Folk Festival, Norwich, England)

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Magpie: Our Featured Performers for April 21

In celebration of Earth Day, Magpie’s songs will focus on our planet and the environment. This longer video continues the Woodstock Folk Festival’s tradition of a spring concert in a new way.

Terry and Greg started out in Kent, Ohio, in September of 1973. They moved to Washington, D.C., the following year. After spending 34 years as regular stalwarts of the folk music scene there, they moved to upstate New York where they live now.

With a career spanning more than 40 years, Magpie travels the globe, bringing its unique sound and breathtaking versatility to audiences everywhere. From traditional songs to vintage blues, swing and country to folk classics to contemporary and stirring original compositions, they cover a lot of musical ground.

With their powerful voices and harmonies and their excellent instrumental arrangements on guitars, mandolin, harmonica, dulcimer, and concertina, their sound is much bigger than just two people. Award-winning recording artists, songwriters, musical historians, and social activists, Terry and Greg always promise a presentation that is highly entertaining as well as provocative and deeply moving.

MAGPIE Presents EIGHT Great School Programs

Magpie brings eight different programs to audiences of all ages, including schools. Avid environmentalists, they developed these two programs:

  • Icthyomusicology, the study of music and songs about fish and marine life, and
  • Living Planet, featuring songs about the Earth.

Others include:

  • Battle Cry of Freedom about the Civil War era,
  • A Mighty Hard Road, the life and music of Woody Guthrie,
  • Put the Sun Back in the Sky, songs of the 1930s,
  • Spoon River, in which the unforgettable characters of Edgar Lee Masters’ poetic masterpiece come alive,
  • All the News That’s Fit to Sing, topic and political news of the 1960s,
  • Working My Life Away, which introduces students to songs about the struggles of working people, and
  • Harriet Was Here, an example of MAGPIE”S songwriting residency work.

A Zoom Experiment

Last year was the seventh in a row Terry and Greg led a songwriting residency with fourth grade students at Genesee Elementary School in Auburn, NY. As Harriet Tubman’s hometown, it was the perfect spot for Harriet Was Here.

Because of COVID-19, they had to try something a little different. In prior years, the new song served as the closing performance in two concerts that were open to the public. Parents and community people always showed up as Auburn bcame a home-away-from-home for the duo.

In 2020, the residency was conducted through ZOOM meetings, two each day, Monday through Friday, for two weeks. The song was recorded on both video and audio with each of the kids recorded singing on their own as well as singing along with the video/audio of Terry and Greg singing it.

Although the final edited video showed up at a point in time, it wouldn’t have been ready for Juneteenth when they wanted to present it, so they performed it in another Zoom session attended by parents, teachers, school board members, community leaders, organizers of the project, and Terry and Greg’s friend, Kate Clifford Larsen, author of the excellent biography, Tubman, Bound for the Promised Land. In their words, “The kids sang it beautifully, and we think it’s a fine song.

“Hope you enjoy it, and feel free to share it with anyone.” ~ Terry and Greg, Magpie

A Year for Dedications: George Perry Floyd and All Front-Line Healthcare Workers

The students decided to dedicate their song that year to George Perry Floyd and to all the front-line healthcare workers. They wrote a letter to George Perry Floyd’s family, which you can read HERE.

“I was moved to tears when I read the letter that the students wrote to the family of George Floyd.” ~ Mary Sherman, former elementary teacher

Terry and Greg, Magpie, are available also to work with whomever to design programs that fit whatever they want to teach through music. For booking information contact: Terry Leonino, 245 Brooky Hollow Rd., Middleburgh, NY 12122 (301) 775-6043,

More Resources

You’ll find Magpie at Check out their Discography or their 45th Anniversary CD, pictured on the left.

And there are lots more videos HERE.

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Enjoy the music of Magpie!

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