The Woodstock Folk Festival is made possible not only through generous sponsorships, door admissions, and merchandise sales, but also through the invaluable sharing of time and talent of many volunteers.

Our Board of Directors is very small, currently consisting of only six members. The festival and other events simply would not be possible without the effort and enthusiasm of volunteers.

Volunteer opportunities are available in many areas of the festival, including (but not necessarily limited to):

  • Planning: This is a broad area requiring lots of effort and commitment throughout the entire year, and most likely would require participation as a board member.
  • Publicity:
    • Creation of mail pieces, press releases, etc.
    • Photocopying publicity materials.
    • Mailing (folding, envelope stuffing, stamping, mailing); usually done as a team.
    • Posting flyers throughout the area on bulletin boards and calendars of events (provided that permission is granted by the proprietor).
  • Set-up and Tear-down: there is lots to do on festival day and we can always use help in this area. Examples of activities include: setting up tents, tables, and chairs; placing signs at corners; loading in water, festival merchandise, and other materials; installing sound equipment.
  • Festival Operations:
    • General Assistance: directing guests to “Festival Central,” providing information on area restaurants, restroom facilities, etc.
    • Audience Surveys: distributing and collecting surveys.
    • Communications: conveying messages and information between different areas of the festival (Festival Central, Story Stage, Open Mike Stage, Children’s Area, Performers “Green Room” Tent, Main Stage, etc.).

Bringing the Woodstock Folk Festival (both the annual event and seasonal concerts) to life for the community requires a lot of work, but is a very rewarding experience. Volunteers are welcome. In exchange for your contribution of time/talent, we offer one free adult admission to a future event (admission to the event you’re working at is, of course, already free!).

If you are interested in volunteering click here to contact us.