Mara Levine | Woodstock Wednesdays | Premieres March 24, 7pm/CDT

Watch Mara Levine's premiere for Woodstock Wednesdays March 24, 7pm/CDT - with a bow to the themes of Passover, beginning the evening of March 27.
Watch Mara Levine’s premiere for Woodstock Wednesdays March 24, 7pm/CDT – with a bow to the themes of Spring, beginning March 20 and of Passover, beginning the evening of March 27.

Mara Levine appeared at the Woodstock Folk Festival in 2018 as a Special Guest with Gathering Time. She premieres for Woodstock Wednesdays March 24, 7pm/CDT.

With songs of social conscience and themes of taking a stand, making a difference, considering the treatment of others and becoming a better person, her performance connects thematically to Passover, beginning March 27.

Want to show your support and appreciation for this Woodstock Wednesdays performer? Then visit her website at You can purchase her albums or donate to her Tip Jar. Contact her at for a jewelry catalog.

Click HERE to watch Mara Levine’s show premiering March 24.

Mara Levine: Featured Performer March 24

Mara Levine & Pete Seeger

Some people, like the one described in Leonard Cohen’s classic song, are born with a Golden Voice. Mara Levine is one of those gifted few who fit that definition. Hearing her sing makes you stop whatever you are doing and LISTEN!

Known for her warmth, sincerity and impeccable natural musicality, she makes us all listen more intently, and celebrate the beauty that she brings to every song she sings and inspires us to do better ourselves, in whatever field we work. Thank you Mara for making us all remember the poetry of lyricism.” ~ David Amram, Composer, Conductor, Multi Instrumentalist

Called “one of the best singers of her generation” by Christine Lavin, folksinger and jewelry designer Mara Levine, like a skilled gem cutter, selects songs with inherent beauty, examines them carefully, then crafts and polishes them to a glittering brilliance.  According to folksinger and activist Si Kahn, “Layering harmony line on top of harmony line, Levine creates rich tapestries of sound and emotion.” 

Facets of Folk ~ Mara Levine’s Third Album

With her third album, FACETS OF FOLK, Mara Levine has found her true voice.
With her third album, FACETS OF FOLK, Mara Levine has found her true voice.

With her third album, FACETS OF FOLK, Levine has found her true voice. It rings clearly and powerfully like a bell or chime, reminiscent of her inspirations Judy Collins and Joan Baez, as she explores some of the different faces of the folk genre. Most songs on the project are filled with Levine’s lush harmony arrangements and invite the listener to sing along. 

“As I was selecting material for my third” CD said Levine, “I was inspired by the…political and social challenges facing us today, and thought a great deal about the importance of speaking out against injustice, both societal, and for people in our lives who are being wronged.” 

Mara encourages us to speak up!

“By My Silence” is a provocative warning about the perils of remaining passive in the face of injustice. Award-winning Florida singer-songwriters Ellen Bukstel and Nick Annis wrote this song. This powerful song reached #1 on the Folk DJ Chart when it was released as a single in September 2017. Mara relates this song to Passover which begins the evening of March 27 and ends the evening of April 4.

Jewelry Designed by Mara Levine To Support Her Folk Music Habit!

View Mara’s beautiful jewelry creations on her Woodstock Wednesdays video. Next, request her catalog, available at Mara’s jewelry is not shown on her website.

Celebrate spring with Mara Levine!

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Mara recently performed in the “Any Sunday Songwriters Showcase” hosted by Jan Seides, in-the-round with Jan and Jim Bizer. That performance is still available on YouTube at

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