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Joe Jencks is an international touring musician, award-winning songwriter and celebrated vocalist, known for his performances of musical beauty, social consciousness and spiritual exploration. He performed solo at our Festival and with Brother Sun and is scheduled to perform at this year’s Festival on July 19. He’s done a couple of excellent concerts online as well as a segment on Lilli Kuzma’s show. He also periodically does a show online where he features other artists. If you’d like to support his efforts to do more online, please subscribe to the channel below; it’s free – just sign in!

For more information go to Joe’s website at:


Other upcoming online concerts featuring past Festival performers:

Every Tuesday night from 5:30-6 p.m./CDT, the Flyin’ A’s do a show from their home in Texas on Facebook.

Every Sunday, John McCutcheon does a show at 2 pm/CDT on Facebook.

On Tuesday, May 5, Reggie Harris will do a show from 6:30-8:30 pm/CDT; it will feature his songs and songs by Pete Seeger and Phil Ochs; he also has a show on Friday night from 6:30-8:30 pm/CDT on Facebook; it’s a John Prine Song Swap sponsored by the People’s Music Network.


Friday, May 15, 6:30 pm/CDT
A PMN Livestream – Theme: JOHN PRINE SONG SWAP

Sunday, May 3 
Half-hour film plus 60+ minutes of song and conversation
Check your time zone for start time: 2:00 pm/CDT – Email your questions to participants in advance of show:

Tuesday, MAY 5, 6:30-8:30 pm/CDT
Reggie Harris In Concert and Conversation
Hosted by Rabbi Jonathan Kligler. Let’s make a joyful noise together!
Songs by Reggie, Pete Seeger, Phil Ochs

Friday, May 8 – 8:00 – 9:00pm on Facebook Live
Reggie in Songs and Stories of the Underground Railroad

Sharing about the amazing Underground Railroad when people of different races, ethnicities, genders, ages, socio-economic and other varied background came together to take on the evil that was prejudice, greed and hate. Sounds like another time IN HISTORY we know, doesn’t it? Tune in, listen, and sing to remind ourselves that we CAN get this done! On Facebook Live! Friday Evening, 7 pm CDT –

NOTE: Mark your calendars for the Fridays With Reggie Concert Series on alternating Fridays at 7:00 pm/CDT. Watch FaceBook and my website for specific dates. Let’s sing and celebrate together!

Always with you in community even during social isolation!

And as always, donations are deeply appreciated/never required!
Reggie Paypal:
Reggie Harris Tip Basket:

Pat Wictor has shows on Thursday, May 7, 6:30 pm/CDT and Saturday, May 9, 6:30 pm/CDT. These are ticketed events:

Thursday, May 7, 7:30pm Eastern (6:30 Central, 5:30 Mountain, 4:30 Pacific)
Lake Effects Shows presents
Pat Wictor and Noah Zacharin in Concert
For admission, go to

Saturday, May 9, 7:30pm Eastern (6:30 Central, 5:30 Mountain, 4:30 Pacific)
6 on the Square presents
Pat Wictor and Noah Zacharin in Concert
For admission, go to

Lilli Kuzma will commemorate the May 4, 1970 shootings at Kent State and the May 15, 1970 shootings at Jackson State during a segment of her show tomorrow night, May 5, between 8 and 11 pm/CDT on WDCB/90.9FM or (also in the archive for 2 weeks after broadcast).

I hope you have taken time to read my post about this and the Student Strike of 1970.

Although John McCutcheon has not (YET) performed at our Festival, if you like music and you like baseball, I highly recommend the baseball show he did yesterday. You can still find that, as well as his May Day show last Friday, on Facebook. His shows are Sunday afternoons at 2 pm/CDT on Facebook. 

PLEASE NOTE: We will only post past and upcoming Festival performer info on our website, but I will let each of you know about other artists you may enjoy from time to time AND I hope you will also let us know about events you’re aware of. 

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