Remember Windborne From Last Year’s Festival? … here’s something to enjoy in your newfound time at home!

If you’re stuck inside and wondering what to do tonight, check this out. Windborne, who performed at last year’s Woodstock Folk Festival, is offering a concert online tonight since their live one was cancelled. And even though it’s on Facebook, you
don’t have to be a member to listen. 

Also be sure to see (below) a new video for their performance of “Bread & Roses,” a song most appropriate during this 100th Anniversary of the Women’s Suffrage in the U.S.

Many other events have been cancelled. There are discussions among some folk DJs about the possibility of having online or on-air concerts and asking people to send the money they would have spent on the live concert directly to the artist.  Most of these folks depend on their live concerts for a living, and this is a huge blow to them. 

Mark Dvorak will be on WNUR/893 or next Sunday, March 22, sometime between 10 a.m. and Noon, most likely in the second hour.

Brian Murphy, whom we know from The LeftOvers, will be with his band Arranmore on WGN Radio tomorrow morning from 9-10 a.m.

As far as I know Garnet Rogers concert at Acoustic Renaissance and Mark Dvorak’s at St. Tim’s Coffeehouse are still on for tonight.

We’ll make a decision on our concerts in the next week or so.

And if you’re tired of listening to the news, tune in to our local
folk shows and when they’re not on, you can get folk music 24/7 on the FREE app Folk Music Notebook.

Enjoy the music that we do have! Here’s more information from Windborne:

From Windborne: Livestream Concert On Facebook! March 14, 7:30pm EST on Facebook Live!

Please join us online for a livestream concert,

Dear friends,

What a world we are living in right now…  we’re sure it comes as no surprise to hear that we have had the next month of gigs canceled, and the uncertainty of this rapidly evolving situation makes it hard for all of us to plan, well, anything. It’s a harsh reality, but we want to do everything we can to help flatten the curve of this pandemic.

We know many of you were looking forward to seeing us in concert at some point in the next few weeks, and we are super bummed to have had to cancel. However, we wanted to find a way to stay connected with you and continue to share our music, so we will be doing regular online mini-concerts, starting this Saturday, MARCH 14, 7:30PM EST on FACEBOOK LIVE. Go to this link:  and click “Get Reminder” and Facebook will send you a nudge! Or you can bookmark the page and put us on your calendar, and share the link with your friends!

We are excited making this an interactive event, so add a comment when you tune in or hear your favorite song and we’ll see it in the moment!

(If you can’t make it tonight, the video will be archived on our
Facebook page.)

If you’re not on Facebook, never fear: you can still watch the live
video without a Facebook account!

Helping Musician Friends During This Time

Many people have asked how they can help musicians, artists, and other freelance workers whose livelihoods are taking a dramatic hit with this wave of cancellations, so here are some of our suggestions.

Does an artist you love have a Patreon page? This is the most enduring way to show your support, and your monthly
contribution will give you access to all kinds of goodies. By joining Windborne’s Patreon family (, you’ll get a new song each month, recorded and released exclusively for our patrons, as well as patron-only videos, love notes, and a behind-the-scenes look at our life as full-time musicians.

Does an artist you love sell something you can order online?
Windborne’s online store (
has all our music as CDs and digital downloads, as well as sheet music for the tracks on Song on the Times so you can learn our signature four-part harmonies. For the first time ever, we’re also offering our newest item, Windborne t-shirts, in our online store–up until now they’ve only been available in person at our merch table, so you can thank coronavirus for this. 🙂

Do you want to donate directly to the artist? If you were planning to go to an event that’s been cancelled, maybe you can send the artist the money you would have spent on the ticket! You can donate directly to Windborne on PayPal or Venmo at

Thanks for your support in keeping us singing during this time! We are so glad to have you on our team, and we hope our music helps to lighten the load a little for you during these challenging times.

In song and solidarity,

Lauren, Lynn, Will, and Jeremy

New video on YouTube: In honor of International Women’s Day (March 8), we released a video of Bread and Roses
Share it with an important woman in your life!

Our mailing address is:
34 Fuller Rd
Williamsburg, MA 01096

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