Sones de México Ensemble Celebrates Cinco de Mayo, May 5, 7pm/CDT

Sones de México Ensemble celebrates Cinco de Mayo with the Woodstock Folk Festival community at our May 5 Woodstock Wednesdays performance! Savor a carry-out meal from a local Mexican restaurant, and share it at home while you enjoy the concert.

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Our Featured Performers: Sones de México Ensemble

Sones de México Ensemble formed up in Chicago’s historic Pilsen neighborhood in 1994. Their purpose was to keep the tradition of Mexican ‘son’ alive in its many regional forms. As performers and recording artists, the ensemble developed and popularized many original arrangements of Mexican traditional tunes through touring the United States and internationally. Tours included such prestigious venues as the Getty Museum in Los Angeles, Carnegie Hall in New York, and the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC.

The organization offers a number of educational and outreach programs, including music lessons, elementary and college residencies, children’s programs, workshops, lectures and songwriting classes. The group interweaves Mexican culture and heritage into every performance and program.

Sones de México Ensemble Present Beyond the Music: A Musical Geography of Mexico – Cinco de Mayo Edition

Sones de México Ensemble Present Beyond the Music: A Musical Geography of Mexico - Cinco de Mayo Edition

Sones de México Ensemble is the country’s premier folk music organization specializing in Mexican ‘son’, including the regional styles of huapango, gustos, chilenas, son jarocho, and more.

Join us for this Cinco de Mayo special edition of Sones de Mexico Ensemble’s guided musical tour of Mexico. Mexico’s folk music and dance styles are very diverse and largely unknown outside their local regions. There is son jarocho, son huasteco, gusto, son istmeño, chilenas, and over thirty other styles. Different regions of the country have unique instruments, repertoire and techniques rarely heard outside these regions.

Relax, and take a virtual musical tour of Mexico. Let the GRAMMY™ nominated Sones de México Ensemble, specialists in these regional styles, be your guide in this special demo of Mexico’s musical geography. They will speak about what to listen for in the major regional styles. Who knows? They may inspire your future travels!

This program is sponsored in part by the National Endowment for the Arts and by donations from people like you. Please support this group’s mission and make a tax deductible contribution at

Explore Sones de México Ensemble’s Mexican Music School . . .

Sones de México Ensemble’s Mexican Music School offers 5 levels of guitar classes grounded in Mexican culture and Repertoire for all ages.

Music classes video DEMO :

Outreach programs for schools: Sones de México Ensemble offers a diverse range of educational programs for children and adults that they bring to schools, community organizations, libraries, and cultural centers. Learn more here:

Sones de México Ensemble has been the winner of the Best Latin Entertainer in the Chicago Music Awards for four consecutive years: 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018. Their children’s album “Fiesta Mexicana” also won a Parents’ Choice™ Award.

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Enjoy Sones de México Ensemble and celebrate Cinco de Mayo!

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