Bridges (Bill Staines) | Presented by Judi Jaeger & Bob Reid and Friends

BRIDGES (Bill Staines) is a beautiful song beautifully performed by Jaeger & Reid and Friends.  The Woodstock Folk Festival thanks these performers for allowing us to share their video on our site on the occasion of our Tribute to Bill Staines.

Some of the best discoveries are made by accident, and that’s what happened in the fusion of the musical talents of Judi Jaeger and Bob Reid. They unwittingly found that perfect harmony while standing next to each other at a music camp jam in the summer of 2015. Their musical spark quickly caught fire and was noticed by those around them – and the successful collaboration between Jaeger and Reid was born. Jaeger & Reid perform in the U.S., Canada, and France.

Read more about Jaeger & Reid on their website, While you’re on their site, check out “Bridges” in the Video section of their site and other music in the Music section. You can also subscribe to their YouTube channel HERE

For now, with thanks to Judi Jaeger and Bob Reid, enjoy “Bridges” right here.

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