National Women’s History Month | Woodstock Wednesdays Premieres Katherine Rondeau | March 3, 7pm/CST

Perfect for National Women’s History Month! Katherine Rondeau’s voice holds holds authenticity and soul in every note. Modern folk music in the finest tradition of the form. Justin Helmer, KVSC-FM

The Woodstock Folk Festival brings quality folk music to our community. Katherine kicks off National Women’s History Month, 7pm/CST this Wednesday, March 3!

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Here’s your LINK to Katherine Rondeau’s show on March 3.

Visit our Video Gallery anytime after the show to enjoy it again or share with others. While you’re there, check out past performers’ shows such as Rev. Robert Jones and Matt Watroba or Pete Morton.

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Featured Performer: Katherine Rondeau

Katherine’s Woodstock Wednesdays video includes segments from the Folk Alliance International 2020 Conference and the 2018 Falcon Ridge Folk Festival. Chicago-area musician Eric Lambert accompanies her on guitar. 

Katherine Rondeau is a bold voice in the folk world and Unfortunate Point of View showcases her strengths as a dynamic songwriter and singer. Chris Kocher, WHRW-FM

Her January 2019 release, Unfortunate Point of View, self-produced with the assistance of award-winning engineer Glenn Barratt, is still shared with folk audiences by iconic folk DJs across the world. The album has enjoyed one full year on the Folk DJ charts! It is the #4 album for January with #1 original song. Appearing on the weekly NACC Top 30 Folk charts for nine weeks, Unfortunate Point of View establishes Katherine Rondeau as a major voice on the national folk scene.

The theme for this year’s National Women’s History Month is “Valiant Women of the Vote: Refusing To Be Silenced.” Katherine’s powerful protest song, “Raise Up Your Hand,” relates to this theme. We hope she’ll sing that at this year’s Festival!

See also: For more on the theme of “valiant women”:

Katherine is scheduled to perform at the Woodstock Folk Festival on July 18, 2021, in honor of National Women's History Month
Katherine is scheduled to perform at the Woodstock Folk Festival on July 18, 2021, in honor of National Women’s History Month

After bursting onto the Philly folk scene in 2015, Katherine was quickly recognized for her rich, bold voice and engaging performance style. How to describe Katherine’s music? Her voice – strong, soulful, warm – rings out like a bell on a clear summer’s night. Her original songs draw audiences in and take them on journeys both real and imagined. Whether sharing stories of love lost and found, calling out robust anthems of peace and justice, or reimagining classic songs from the Folk Revival, there is no mistaking that Katherine has earned her place at the table!

Listen to some of Katherine’s CDs — then look at videos on her website, Subscribe to the “Rondeau-View” to keep up to date on Katherine’s news!

Finally, plan to enjoy Katherine’s performance from New Jersey for our July 18, 2021 Woodstock Folk Festival.

Honor National Women’s History Month with Katherine’s Woodstock Wednesdays Performance!

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