Dennis Warner | Woodstock Wednesdays | Premieres Wednesday, October 21, 7pm/CDT

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The video premieres HERE at 7pm/CDT, Wednesday, October 21. It will remain in our Gallery after the show if you would like to see it again or share it with others. You can enjoy watching our past performers’ shows by clicking on our Video Gallery.

Featured Performer: Dennis Warner

Dennis Warner’s Latest CD is #8
on the World Folk Music Radio Charts! A song from “Pilot Me” will be featured on Dennis’ Woodstock Wednesdays video.

Dennis Warner’s career has brought him to all 50 states and beyond, earning him global recognition and a reputation of being one of the top entertainers in the singer/songwriter genre.
Dennis is a two-time McKnight Foundation Artist Award winner and three-time finalist for the prestigious Kerrville Folkfest songwriting awards, co-founded by Peter Yarrow of Peter, Paul and Mary. Another accolade was being invited to perform in concert at the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington, D.C. for a series honoring the best of the unknown songwriters.

“Songs that ring true…Like a heart to heart with an old friend.”
Bobby Vee; Music Legend

“Great songs, contagious energy and an engaging personality make Dennis Warner and outstanding entertainer. Add his smooth vocals and solid guitar work and you’ve got a fantastic show ! Our audience didn’t want him to leave.” Dave Humphreys; Chicago, IL

“It’s rare to find a singer/songwriter with the personality, vocals and presence to captivate and hold an audience the way Dennis did last week. He’s one performer who can effectively walk in with his guitar and engage even a savvy, musically inclined crowd all by himself. Dennis’ style is reminiscent of the great story tellers like Harry Chapin and James Taylor.”
Meghan Diamond; Walnut Creek, CA

“Remarkable natural stage presence and ability to involve the entire audience . . . a super entertainer.”
Jeff Grogan, Tech Talk Staff Writer
Oregon Institute of Technology (OR)

Attention parents, families, and educators! Now in its Sixth Printing, Warner‘s timely book Beads on One String evolved from one of his songs and led to the creation of The Beads on One String Project, an elementary school curriculum used as a meaningful and fun way to teach kids about the negative effects of bullying and the positive effects of recognizing our “connectedness” with each other. In support of his book and the curriculum project, Dennis was often a guest musician and speaker at schools, libraries and Sunday morning gatherings. When our world regains health and safety after Covid 19, Dennis will joyfully bring “The Beads on One String Project” to schools, libraries, and Sunday morning gatherings once again. In 2015, Dennis and his wife Tammy donated 250 copies of Beads on One String to Books for Africa, where they were needed in Ghana to teach kids English by using Dennis’ song and book.

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We know you will enjoy Dennis Warner’s show!

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