Woodstock Wednesdays | Don White | Online Concerts | September 23, 7pm/CDT

Join us for Woodstock Wednesdays! Woodstock Folk Festival is excited to bring high quality music to our community and to enjoy and support performers who have worked with us over the years, including Don White. If you are not on our mailing list, please sign up using the Mailing List signup in the right column of our website.

The video premieres HERE at 7pm/CDT Wednesday, September 23. It will remain in our Gallery after the show if you would like to see it again or share it with others. Go to our Gallery to view and listen to other performers. Music is a powerful force in our lives. Click on Gallery to view and listen to more music. Yoda has said, “May the force be with you,” and perhaps that meant the force of folk music!

Featured Performer: Don White

Don White performed at the Woodstock Folk Festival in 2014 and we are thrilled that he is now performing for Woodstock Wednesdays. The first two songs that Don sings on his performance are recorded on his Live at the Guthrie Center CD. You will hear about the significant mission of the Guthrie Center. Don’s third song is a very meaningful work in progress.

There is no one-word description for what Don White does. He’s an award-winning singer/songwriter, a comedian, an author, and a storyteller. He’s been bringing audiences to laughter and tears for thirty years, released ten CDs, three live DVDs, and a book, Memoirs of a C Student. His latest album is Live at the Guthrie Center, available at www.donwhite.net .

In 2011, he won the Jerry Christen Memorial Award, given out by Boston Area Coffeehouse Association, for his work with the community and that same year was given a key to the city in his hometown of Lynn, Massachusetts.

White has opened for Arlo Guthrie, Ritchie Havens. Louden Wainwright III, and Taj Mahal, shared a bill with David Bromberg, Janis Ian, and Lyle Lovett. White has been featured in storytelling festivals around the country including the National Storytelling Festival in Jonesborough, Tennessee and the Timpanogos Storytelling Festival in Utah. Since 2015, he has joined master storytellers Bil Lep and Bill Harley in Father’s Daze, a hilarious three-man storytelling show about the triumphs and tribulations of fatherhood. He toured North America for nine years with folk songwriting legend Christine Lavin, with whom he still plays the occasional show.

Don’s approach to music is a unique blend. If he just played folk music, it would be a handy label. But he has invented his own genre with a mix of humor and powerful songwriting. White’s arc as a writer and performer has taken him from his industrial hometown of Lynn, Massachusetts, through Boston’s comedy clubs and coffeehouses, and onto stages around the country. At every point, White has been the ultimate observer, infusing his work with his experiences as a husband, a father, a seeker, and a joker.

“White is a riot on stage, a bona fide crowd pleaser. One of the most popular acts on the circuit. He plays an audience the way Leo Kottke plays a 12-string.” ~ The Boston Globe

We know you will love Don’s performance for Woodstock Wednesdays. Go to Don’s website www.donwhite.net for more information on other virtual shows: Thursday, 9/24/20 at 7am at the Green Wood Coffee House and Thursday, 10/1/20 at 7:00am at the Home Grown Coffee House.

Each Monday at 2pm/EST, Don hosts a Performance Forum.

“Every Monday at 2:00 EST I host a forum on zoom for performers, promoters, venue owners, booking agents and anyone else that is interested in learning or sharing what they have learned about performing on line. I go over some of the ways I have been reaching my audience, finding new audiences and making some money. I show examples of different things that people in different genres are doing to use the internet now that they can’t perform in person. Then we open the forum for questions and for people to share new things they have learned or are experimenting with. We’re all in a weird new world. If you know anyone that might be interested in joining us feel free to forward the number and password: Meeting ID: 871 1197 2086 Password: 099358 The forum is always FREE. There will be a virtual tip jar for anyone who wants to contribute.” ~ Don White

What People Are Saying

Please visit donwhite.net to purchase Don’s DVD, CDs or purchase his book. You can listen to him sing and tell stories. His stories can cause mirthful laughter, which has many positive effects on our health.

“No artist on the coffeehouse circuit today is better than Don White at combining the heartfelt aesthetics of the singer-songwriter with side-splitting laughs.” ~Scott Alarik in The Boston Globe

“I’ve never seen a comedian that made me both want to laugh AND go home and hug my kids.” ~ a fan

“Trust me folks. You will want to get your hands on Don’s new book as soon as you can. I would have got through it faster, but I kept reading passages out loud to wife, and then my children, and then anybody else who would listen. This is special!” – Matt Watroba

“I love books. I love reading. Over the years I’ve recommended a lot of books I’ve loved to a lot of people in my life. And although I loved reading `Memoirs of a C Student’, I’m not going to recommend it to my friends and family; I’m going to buy them all a copy for Christmas this year.” – Jon Svetkey

After you watch Don’s Woodstock Wednesdays video and check out more on his website, donwhite.net, remember that you can purchase his book to give to friends and loved ones. Reading his book will spread good cheer!


Please show your appreciation to Don White by purchasing his DVD, one or more of his CDs, or buying his book. To donate to the Woodstock Folk Festival, go to the donation box near the top right column on the Woodstock Folk Festival website.

We know you will enjoy Don White’s show!

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